Debbie Carroll

DC Counselling and Hypnotherapy

                                    Client Reviews

See what some of my clients have said about their experience of Rapid Transformational Therapy with me.

“Not quite sure what you have done to me!  I’m back to being happy. I’m applying for jobs and I know I will succeed (I never thought I would be saying that!),I’m doing more than I ever believed possible. Thank you so much Debbie, you’re an amazing professional and if ever I find a stone in my way again I will be relieved that I know the right person to show me the way around it”.

Denise, felt stuck with very little confidence and motivation


“This time last year I was really quite sad, I just couldn’t stop feeling so bad. And now here I am with a smile on my face, something that had been seriously misplaced.

You’ve helped me so much! I can quite clearly see a much brighter future for me.

I’ve needed this change for so many years and someone to help me with all my fears.

To help pull me through, to make me see sense. You’ve been so very kind, even though I’ve needed a shake, to open my eyes and be fully awake!

I feel better about myself, I’m doing my best, I’m important, I am enough”!

Janine, anxiety and low self-worth


When I met Debbie I was not in the best place I felt as though my life had no meaning, I was lost! Working with Debbie has helped me to overcome lots of issues thoughts and feelings I had about my past and work towards a better future. I think I found Debbie at the right time and feel she was instrumental in helping me to work towards my goals I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism, encouragement and belief in me. I now have a future and am looking forward to it”

Debbie, Single mother of two, going through divorce and depression.


    Beautiful flowers received from a lovely      lady I treated for drug and alcohol issues.