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What to expect from Hypnotherapy

I work from my home office in Brentwood . My therapy room is comfortable and completely private (sessions can also be held via Zoom or Skype). 

My main aim is to provide you with a warm and safe environment so that you will feel at ease straight away and be able to talk to me about whatever is concerning you. We will discuss in detail what it is you wish to let go of and what you would like to achieve .

I then guide you into a hypnosis (you won’t be asleep just really relaxed), and then using regression, we will talk about the scenes that come up to identify and understand why you have the subconscious beliefs that are operating the unwanted behaviour you wish to change.

Understanding is power, so once we know the root cause of your issue, I use a combination of therapy techniques, to enable you to be released from the beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back.

The last part of the session, consists of me telling your brilliant subconscious mind that you are free from your old negative ways, free from the issue that has held you back. I use very descriptive, positive words that your mind will lock onto. Literally replacing and reprograming the negative, harsh things you have been telling yourself and giving you the permanent results you want and need. 

When you gently emerge from hypnosis, we will have a chat and reflect on what you have learnt and let go of. I will then give you a bespoke recording of the transformation for you to listen to at home for the next 30 days. I will keep in touch with you during this period so that you can keep me posted o n your achievements and the freedom you’re enjoying.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by phone or email .


Hypnotherapy Services

Mental Wellbeing

Confidence/Self Esteem/Self Worth
Relationship difficulties - Self or with others
Limiting Beliefs

Phobias and Fears

Enclosed Spaces


Drug and Alcohol Misuse
Emotional Eating /food/sugar etc.

Physical Wellbeing

Sports Motivation
Bed Wetting
Nail biting
Trauma/Healing from Surgery
Weight Loss

See below for a price list 


Price list for Hypnotherapy


£250.00 Per session 

Packages available, each package is tailored to your individual needs/goals after your consultation.

Get Out of Your Own Way and Shine £550.00

Includes: consultation, 1 hypnotherapy session, a scheduled follow up mentoring session, a personalised audio, Email or Whattsapp support for up to 28 days

Get out of Your Own Way, Shine and Thrive £700.00

Includes: consultation, 2x hypnotherapy sessions, 2x scheduled follow up mentoring sessions, 2x personalised audios Email or Whatsapp support for up to 42 days

Hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 90 -120 minutes

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